Current Crops

Potatoes have been and will continue to be the main focus of Parkinson Seed Farm. We currently grow a number of varieties and are continuing to explore new options. We grow tried and true varieties such as the Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, and Russet Norkotah as well as other varieties to meet current market demand such as Cal Whites and Atlantics. We have grown in the past years from being mainly a Russet Burbank grower with small amount of other varieties thrown in to growing many other varieties in addition to the Russet Burbank to meet customer demand. We also grow varieties on special request for customers. We are currently growing reds, yellows, and whites for special request.

At our home farm located in Saint Anthony we grow potatoes for a generation increase. We do this in order to keep current season spread of disease as low as possible. We bring in the seed from our location in Downey or other reputable seed sources to make sure that we can keep the seed we sell to our high standards. In order to keep the seed as clean as possible we spray insecticide multiple times a year to make sure that we keep insect activity as close to nonexistent as possible.

At our location in Downey we also function in much the same way as our home farm. We bring in most of the seed from our farm in Salmon as well as a few other reputable sources. We only grow the potatoes in this location for one year. By doing this we can ensure that diseases don’t have a chance to contaminate any earlier generations of potatoes.

At our location in Salmon we do much the same as our other locations. We use this location to grow the first field generation of potatoes. By doing this we can be sure that all of the varieties grown here start clean and disease free. We also only grow potatoes here for one year before moving them to either our other farms or to our customers.

We do custom grow contracts for new varieties as well as current season contracts for the varieties that we are already growing. We also offer custom cutting for most of our varieties as well as flexible dates for delivery and pickup. For more specific information feel free to contact us.